Meet SASSIE....

Posted by Deborah McNally on

SASSIE is an independent free spirit and experienced seductress who is too busy to be tied down to one man right now.  

Having grown up in a controlling wealthy family, she broke free of the restraints imposed upon her and has been a rebel ever since her teen years, gaining a reputation of being completely fearless and outspoken.

She has changed careers as often as people change their cars, and currently enjoys a successful international DJ’ing career, with the odd TV presenter role mixed in for the hell of it.

Avoiding emotional involvement at all costs, she has controversially declared that she has had "hundreds" of soul mates and has probably slept with most of them.

An advocate for women to experience everything that life has to offer – “why limit yourself when you can have a taste of everything”.

When one of the other girls manage to pull off a seemingly impossible task, they often say “I did it sassy like Sassie”.

Her mantra is “Why the hell not?”.


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