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    Meet GIL...

    GIL is a restaurant owner with a popular site in trendy Shoreditch often frequented by the young, media, arty crowd. She is the most conservative and compassionate of the group, believing that you choose a career you are passionate about, and then with determination you give it everything you’ve got.

    She is the definition of a true leader in her workplace, not willing to ask her team to do anything she would not do herself. Her desire for success is driven by her motivation to teach and inspire her young team to go for their dreams.

    Her compassion for others is outstanding, often opening up her restaurant after hours to feed the homeless with the left over food that would otherwise have gone to waste.

    Initially thought to be shy when you first meet her, she quickly blossoms into the goofy soul that she truly is when you get to see her quirky cheeky side come out to play.  Although generally considered to be the conservative one of the group, she often surprises the more liberal girls with her ‘off the cuff’ unexpected comments about dirty sex, love and dating. She has had her fair share of long-term relationships, but is still on the look out for ‘the one’.

     Oh, lastly - she will not function in the morning without her first cup of coffee!


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